BETA Get Listed is a fan-project.

We curate and index listings on the Aavegotchi Baazaar, so that you can stand out and easily browse high quality listings without running into the current indexing limit. This is a manual process, and we are not in any way part of the Aavegotchi team or project, outside of our capacity as a fan and user. All rights, images and intellectual property belong to Pixelcraft Studios and the Aavegotchi project.

With this out of the way, here’s how you can get your gotchifren or wearables indexed by us.

First, make sure your gotchi is listed on the Aavegotchi baazaar. Next, contact Cookiethief#3952 on discord and send your info in the following format:

Gotchi name:
Base rarity score:
Gotchi link:
Your Discord or other contact:


Gotchi name: Vitalik
Base rarity score: 494 (600 equipped)
Price: 800k GHST OBO
Gotchi link:
Discord contact: Cookiethief#3952

Remember, this listing process is MANUAL and we may reject your listing for any reason. As a guideline, we are looking for gotchi and wearables with a value north of 5k $GHST. Exceptions can be made on a per-case basis, and we are always happy to advise.